DeGoatsnSheep Ranch
Wensleydale sheep     angora goats

  Jim and Linda Smith
 9397 CR 502 Bayfield, Colorado 81122

Our booth with ranch products at the Intermountain weaver's conference, July 2015
DeGoatsnsheep Ranch is an organic-oriented, working ranch located near Durango, Colorado.  We are committed to sustainable living with our gardens, greenhouses, animals, and home, in coordination with the natural environment. 
Come stay with us.  Learn handspinning, knitting, or various aspects of fiber processing.  Or just relax and enjoy the peace and beauty of our ranch.  Learn about the maintenance and production of animals, fiber, and food.

January 2018
In November 2017, husband and chief shepherd Jim had extensive back surgery. Alas, we sold our flock of wonderful Wensleydale sheep to a woman just starting up a flock in Idaho, so if you visit you will no longer hear their voices or see the sweet antics of newborn lambs.  We miss them, but find that the gardening side of our ranch can continue to grow and provide even more food and satisfaction.
New this year beginning some time in June will be a 26 foot growing dome from Growing Spaces.  This will allow us to extend our seasons, incorporating greater variety into our produce. So if you are interested in gardening, we are happy to share all that we have learned about cattle panel, traditional structure, and home-attached greenhouses, in addition to a variety of hoop structures that allow us to garden at 7800 ft. with very unpredictable seasons.
This winter we have had almost no snow at all; approximately 4 total inches. We have had to water trees and shrubs all winter. While severe drought threatens our area, we intend to keep gardening with techniques that require the least amount of water. Linda still creates watercolor felts and three dimensional figures. We have lots of yarn and roving for sale, and classes, when requested, continue.
Jonah and Jim designed and built the chicken tractor. It travels around the pasture and keeps the chickens safe from predators.
The cattle panel greenhouse is our third greenhouse. Build in Spring 2015, it worked well to house our many hot pepper plants. 
Watercolor felt by Linda. Watercolor felting is a way to create a picture by making a wool prefelt and attaching blended colored fibers to the surface to create an image.