DeGoatsnSheep Ranch
Wensleydale sheep     angora goats

  Jim and Linda Smith
 9397 CR 502 Bayfield, Colorado 81122

Our booth at the Animas Museum Christmas Bazaar before COVID.
DeGoatsnsheep Ranch is an organic-oriented, working ranch located near Durango, Colorado.  We are committed to sustainable living with our gardens, greenhouses, animals, and home, in coordination with the natural environment. 
Come stay with us.  Learn handspinning, knitting, or various aspects of fiber processing.  Or just relax and enjoy the peace and beauty of our ranch.  Learn about the maintenance and production of fiber arts and food.

March 2021
Sadly we are without sheep, but it has become difficult to maintain livestock with our present climate conditions. Our snow pack was minimal this year and the dryland pasture suffers. This has been for many years running so we have decided not to raise sheep at this time.Our well is still strong and we are able to maintain our gardens, greenhouses, and orchard thus far.
The 26 ft. growing dome we put in in 2018 is thriving. We have had fresh carrots, kale, chard, lettuce, and herbs all winter long. While it is cold outside, it is wonderfully warm in the dome and so comforting to be in a space that smells of fresh earth and plants. 
We have been closed for the past year due to covid-19. We chose to use this time to rennovate the barn for a storage area and returned the older section to its former glory as a space for Linda's wool fiber products and classes. (It was originally where we lived when building our home some 44 years ago!)
If you would like to stay in our guesthouse this year, please find us on VRBO, property listing #594414. The guesthouse is closed and under a large pile of snow all winter. We will be spending days in April making the guesthouse Covid sanitized and safe for our guests this year.We are happy to give our guests tours of the ranch, and share lots of gardening information. Linda still works with wool, spinning, knitting, felting, and gives fiber arts classes upon request. 
This is how things look out here in winter!
The growing dome is a real joy to work with.  
Watercolor felt by Linda. Watercolor felting is a way to create a picture by making a wool prefelt and attaching blended colored fibers to the surface to create an image.