DeGoatsnSheep Ranch began 30 years ago with the purchase of 16 acres of ponderosa pine and scrub oak hills and dryland pasture.  One hillside of sandstone was blasted and we picked rock through a blazing hot summer to create a flat site on which to build a house.  That was followed by a summer of sifting dirt through screens and mixing the soil with water and cement, then pressing it into a CINVA ram to create sturdy blocks.  We designed our home as a giant octagon with a two-story square in the center.  It has a passive solar collector/greenhouse facing south, providing warmth in winter.  Our home is bermed into the hillside on the north which evens out the indoor temperature year round.

Over the years we have had a chance to experiment with various breeds of sheep, goats, rabbits, and other barnyard beasts.  Our present choice of Wensleydale sheep and angora goats is the result of desiring to breed animals for luxurious handspinning.  In addition, we have three greenhouses, a large garden, small orchard, woodshop, and fiber/art studio. Last year a guest house was added. In 2009 we added a dye garden and solar grid.  New for 2010 are more lambs and kids and an extension of the dye garden which grew well last year. 

We are located 18 miles northeast of Durango and 20 minutes from Durango airport, at an elevation of 7800 feet.  Vallecito Lake, Mesa Verde, and Durango Mountain Ski Resort surround us and make great day trips.  Come stay with us for a few days or a week. Relax and enjoy the peace and beauty of our ranch.  Visit our sheep and see sustainable gardening and agriculture first hand.  We would enjoy sharing what we have learned over the years with you, and offer fiber, dyes, and animals for sale.
DeGoatsnSheep Ranch
Wensleydale Sheep  Angora goats

Jim and Linda Smith
9397 CR 502 Bayfield, Colorado 81122

solar array,  barn, and sheep